Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Fun at Baseball Game

If you know about minor league baseball - you may know there are some weird names out there. The team we have is called the "Flying Squirrels," Maybe it's just me but I find that too funny.


The Richmond Flying Squirrels are a minor league baseball team in Richmond, Virginia. The team is a part of the Eastern League, is the Double-A affiliate of the San Francisco Giants major league club, and plays at The Diamond.

Last month my husband and I went to a Flying Squirrels game. The company he works for actually provided tickets for everyone who wanted to go. Also some "squirrel dollars," which can be used at the gift store and concession stands.

It was also funny because on this particular game they were playing the Portland Sea Dogs, who are one of the Red Sox teams. If you know me you know I love Red Sox, so we kinda were rooting for the wrong team - ha - ha. We both wore Red Sox shirts. Here's mine:

a super up close selfie (they gave out these hats free)

Nutzy - who is the mascot (he's a flying squirrel):

the #1 reason I like going - funnel cake! (which in NE we always called it fried dough- but this is way way better)

at the end they also have a really good fireworks show (I think mostly Sat. night games)

If you have the chance to go to a Minor league baseball game - you should. Not only is it way more affordable, it is so much fun, with all kinds of entertainment when the teams are switching, like relay races, sing offs, t-shirt launches, etc!

p.s. the Portland Sea Dogs won (they even got a grand slam), but we probably should have been rooting for the Flying Squirrels - lol