Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Hunt for Meg Ryan

Did you guys see the movie Lincoln with Daniel Day-Lewis? Well that was filmed in VA, with a lot of it in Petersburg, which is right down the street from me.

This summer another film was filming down there. It is being directed (and starring) Meg Ryan. It's coming out next year. According to the local paper she was spotted around town at some local coffee shops and restaurants.

They also were spotted filming the movie. My husband and I decided to go downtown and try to spot Meg Ryan. Unfortunately after 2 weekends trying to spot her - we were unsucessful (I guess she doesn't work weekends)

But we did notice signs of the production crew. We saw huge trucks with generators going. We spotted a movie theater they made look old and a beauty shop that said haircuts 10 cents. I don't have pics of that lol - but here is some of the old (historic too) buildings downtown that they are using in these movies.

We did spot some old cars though that will probably be in the movie with Meg Ryan

minus the school bus

They also film a lot of the AMC show "TURN: Washington's Spies" downtown too. I also just read 1 more TV show and 2 more movies are scheduled to do some shooting down there too. They said one reason is because the location down there can be everything from Revolutionary War (The Turn), Civil War (Lincoln) and WW2 (the Meg Ryan movie) Maybe I'll spot some stars after all in some other shoots lol.

Have you ever seen a movie production or spotted a star filming something?


  1. Never came even remotely close to a movie star!
    Thank you for sharing your linkup on http://www.image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2014/09/elodie-farms.html

  2. So cool! I have seen movies being filmed in NYC but never a clear shot of people.
    Robert Downey Jr. was at a nearby town last year filming a movie and he was supposedly very friendly!

  3. How fun! Apparently Johnny Depp has been here in Boston lately filming that Whitey Bulger movie.

  4. Love her! I wish I can see her too as i really love her movies! #ww

  5. How VERY cool!!


  6. What fun to know that is even there, thats neat, hope you do get to spot here at some point.

  7. It's nice when you get to see some stars in action, we had the chance to do this a few times in Chicago and it was very cool.