Thursday, July 17, 2014

Know Your Rights: Three Parts of Law Every Citizen Should Understand

The developed world can be a complicated place with all the laws that have been written and passed down through the years. While most people probably don’t need to know all the ins and outs of the law, there are some important areas of law that citizens should know in case they need to defend themselves. By knowing your rights, you can easily act within them and gain a peace of mind even when faced with difficult situations that may come up. Worker’s comp laws, traffic laws, and renters’ laws are three common law categories all citizens should understand to protect themselves and their loved ones if a problem ever arises.
Workers’ Compensation
In many states, workers’ comp is a type of insurance that is required if an employer has more than two employees in the business. It covers medical expenses and lost wages if an employee is injured at work. Work injuries are common, especially if your work is physically demanding. Be sure to follow all safety guidelines in your work place. It can prevent injury, but if you are injured while following the safety guidelines, you may be eligible for workers’ comp, which can keep you and your family afloat while you heal. If you are eligible for workers’ comp, and your employer is being difficult about granting it to you, hire a skilled workers’ comp lawyer to help you navigate your rights. You also may be able to gain compensation if you have a pre-existing condition that is aggravated by your tasks at work. You can click here to learn more about workers’ comp attorneys.
Traffic Laws
Whether you’re a pedestrian or operating a vehicle, it’s important to understand traffic laws for your state. Car accidents happen far too often, and you’ll want to know right away if you’re the perpetrator or the victim in the case of a collision. This is especially important if you are injured in an accident, as many insurance companies compensate lost wages, and you’ll want to be sure to get insurance money to cover the cost of your automobile and any health expenses related to the accident. Some traffic laws vary from state to state, such as turning right on a red light, or the amount of time you need to remain in a lane on the freeway before merging into another lane. Familiarize yourself with these laws to avoid being the cause of an accident.
Renters’ Laws
If you rent your home, it’s vitally important to become familiar with your rights, especially if you are in a situation where your landlord is being dishonest. Many states favor the rights of renters. In many states, if your landlord wants to enter the property, he or she must provide written notice twenty-four hours in advance. It is also very difficult to evict a tenant in many states, so you should know your rights in the event that a landlord is making empty threats.

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  1. This is great to know. I got hurt at work once and my job paid for all my medical bills.

  2. I always think that the average person, including ME, doesn't know enough.
    Great info!