Monday, July 7, 2014

Emile Noël artisan oil Review

c Emile Noel 

Product Description
Founded in 1920, Emile Noël uses a time-tested artisanal production method. Our traditional presses—very old but carefully maintained —extract oil slowly and carefully. Unlike in modern presses, the seeds don't get too hot and instead release their oil slowly—the ideal way to respect the seeds and their flavors. Emile Noël's oils have always been non-GMO and organic.

Emile Noël mills a wide selection of organic virgin olive, nut, and seed oils including mild olive, robust olive, sesame, toasted sesame, sunflower oil, sunflower spray, pumpkin seed, hazelnut, walnut, and sweet almond. There's a flavor for every palate and style of cooking—helping to enhance a varied, balanced diet.

Emile Noel artisan oils are available in the US at select Whole Foods Markets, Sprouts and various natural food stores.

I recently was allowed to pick one of the oils from the line of Emile Noel oils. I decided that I wanted to try the toasted sesame oil. 

So far I have used about a 1/2 a bottle of it. I have been making some stir fry lately. So I have really been liking this oil. I have used it to saute some veggies. And have used it to cook some chicken for stir fry/fajitas too. And I think I used it when I made some Chicken Parmesan too! :)

I have never used sesame oil so I am new to it. But it does have a nice flavor to it and you can notice the sesame taste - but it is not too overpowering or anything. And it really has been great for cooking. 

I would recommend this for you to try. And as a bonus - I also was sent this really nice apron too! 


For more information visit their website & you can use their store locator to find this product in a store near you.


I received this product free from company to review - all opinions are my own. 


  1. I don't think I have ever used sesame oil before, either.

  2. Ooh! My husband uses sesame oil, actually. I'm not a fan but I've grown to appreciate the tastes of oils more. Even for something simple as popcorn, the oil you use makes a huge difference!