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Easy Ideas for Organizing your Craft Clutter

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Enjoying arts and crafts projects in your home is a great way to relax, spend time with family, or create meaningful gifts for loved ones. Unfortunately, we all know that clutter can quickly accumulate. If left uncontrolled, this could quickly overwhelm entire rooms of the home and ruin your crafting fun. Here are a few tricks for keeping your clutter under control.  

Use Paper Towel Holders

Storing ribbons and tape rolls on empty paper towel holders not only frees up drawer and counter space, but makes your supplies easier to see and access. No need to spend time re-rolling all those slippery ribbon rolls.

Ribbon Scraps on Notecards

Have extra ribbon without a spool or scraps from other projects?  Use cardstock or notecards by simply wrapping the ribbon around the cards and securing with a pin or piece of tape.  Store the cards in a drawer where you can see all the types and colors at a glance. It’s an easy way to tell your grosgrain ribbon from your offrays, and so on!

Color-coded Pegboards

Make a grid pattern (or whatever shapes work best for you) on a pegboard using electrical tape. Put newspaper underneat the board and color your shapes with acrylic paint. For extra points, draw the outline of each craft tool that will be hanging with black marker. Hang up your board and enjoy uncluttered organization!

Glitter Salt & Pepper Shaker

Find clear salt and pepper shakers of all sizes at your local dollar stores, thrift stores, or flea markets.  Fill them with your favorite glitters, and you have an attractive and easy way to store a craft favorite.

Mason Jar Storage

For supplies that can’t seem to find a home, use Mason jars.  Simply cover the lids in chalkboard paint and label with whatever baubles you have, e.g., rubber bands, beads, even googly eyes!  Store the jars in a small basket and use the tops to find what you need.

Odds & Ends in Muffin Tins and Ice Trays

For smaller bits in smaller amounts, use a simple ice tray or muffin tin. You can find them at inexpensive discount stores. Stack them in a cabinet for a painfree way to keep track of those pesky odds and ends.

Next time you find yourself sitting in a crowded craft room, just look around and get creative! The solution to your clutter could be closer than you think.

This article comes from The Ribbon Retreat, an online store who specializes in fabric and ribbon products for homemade projects.

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