Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tomato Plants

One of the things I love about Virginia is the weather! And we are able to plant stuff here like a month & a half earlier than I was ever able to in New Hampshire.

We planted some tomatoes in April. I have to plant them in these buckets though - because we are renting and my husband doesn't think we should dig up yard. Took this pic last week:

took this one today. they are really growing!

a few little ones already showing up - pic of one:


  1. When you get some nice ripe ones, send them up here to MA!

  2. Their gonna taste delicious when ready ;-)

    Have a tastytastic week

  3. I'd love to grow tomatoes, but some rascally varmint would probably eat them first.


  4. your are a long way ahead of mine in the UK - they are coming along nicely in my polytunnel, and a couple of the plants have flowers, but we're nowhere near fruit yet!

  5. I have got to get my tomato plants planted. Thanks for the reminder! ;)

  6. I have potted plants too but they still have a long way to go before they bear aubergines =) #WW

  7. I love fresh tomatoes, I too have to grow in containers,because our yard is landscaped in desert rock, no dirt and if there was it is not good for growing tomatoes and herbs. Good luck with a green thumb!!

  8. Great idea. Landlords can be funny about what you plant and do when you are renting. The buckets cut down on the weeds.

    We have tomatoes, lettuce, peppers, spinach, and zucchinni this year. We cut back a little. It gets busy in the summer.

    1. yes - that's true about the weeds- I think less bugs too!

      sounds like you've got a great garden going :)

  9. These look awesome! Thanks for sharing! :)

  10. Well done! I am never able to keep anything alive.

  11. Nice. Looks like you are getting ready for the warm summer months ahead.

  12. Thank you for stopping by, hope your harvest is wonderful!!!

  13. Sorry I'm late, but hey I'm here!!! :)
    Lovely garden by the way, it's great that you have the space and time for this.
    Have a great rest of the week.