Monday, May 5, 2014

Sales - Reaching Your Goals is Possible

The art of sales is a fine art, indeed. Psychology, good social skills, business savvy, and practiced techniques all factor into a person’s ability to consistently make sales. Only certain personality types will really enjoy sales, even though everyone is capable of learning some of the techniques of the trade. Those who don’t naturally enjoy sales may burn out quickly and leave you needing to hire again. Here are a few helpful ways to help ensure the people you hire are the best sales people they can be – so they can ultimately benefit your company.

You can teach sales techniques, but good social skills and charm are more difficult to teach. These are two qualities that are inherent in people who consistently meet their sales goals. They need to be polite and charming to the clients they work with, while exuding a friendly charm that puts people at ease and lets them know your sales people have their best interest in mind. Hire people who are energized by consistently interacting with others and who have a charm that draws people to them. Sales people also need to be good listeners in order to put clients at ease and truly understand and meet their needs.

You may get a good feeling about someone’s personality upon meeting them, but it’s important to also do some testing with them to make sure that what you see is what you get. SalesDrive can help your company hire top producing salespeople by identifying some of the key traits and personal habits that make good salespeople. Often people with a lot of charm are people-pleasers and won’t be able to close a deal. You want to be sure your candidates actually have the drive to follow through.

Putting the right people in the right roles is one of the most important jobs of a manager or owner of a business. Once you have assembled your team, it’s important to put them in the right seats on the proverbial bus. Observe individuals for raw talent and leadership skills, and continue to train to hone their skills. With the right people, you can meet your most important sales goals and continue to run a successful, thriving business.

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  1. I definitely don't have the right personality to be in sales!

  2. I was in sales for FOUR years. I think I only have the personality for it when I want to, which was only for that job.
    I am terrible at the sales aspect of my photography business. I wish I made enough to hire someone to do that.

    1. I don't know if I do either @Masshole Mommy & @ Tamara