Friday, March 28, 2014

Yacon Syrup from Quality Encapsulations - Review

products received free for review.

Hey guys! Have you ever heard of Yacon Syrup? I hadn't til recently.

I was actually watching Dr. Oz and he was talking about it. He was talking about how it can aid with weight loss. So I was immediately intrigued. Here's some info I found on his website:

How It Works:Yacon syrup is high in prebiotics, such as inulin and fructooligosaccharides (FOS). The concentration of FOS, which are sugars found naturally in many plants, is particularly high in yacon syrup. FOS resist breakdown by enzymes in the human digestive system and reach the colon without being digested. This means that yacon syrup is very low in calories (about 20 calories per tablespoon). FOS also acts as a soluble fiber, which increases stool bulk to help prevent and control constipation.

Dr. Oz also did a project where 60 women used Yacon Syrup for 4 weeks. You can read the results on his website here. 

So then I saw on Business to Blogger the chance to try out some Yacon Syrup and I wanted to for myself.

the bottle suggests 1 tsp. - 3 times a day. That's all it says. When I first received it I admittedly was hesitant about trying it, because wasn't sure how it would taste. After awhile I finally decided to try it. I just took the teaspoon and tasted it straight that way. And you know what it tastes like - molasses (or I think so anyway)

You can also add Yacon Syrup to your coffee or tea. I regularly don't even put sugar in my coffee, so I didn't want to try that. But I added a little to some tea the other day, and it was pretty good.

I also tried it a couple of times on some oatmeal. I've been trying to eat that for some protein. That's the one thing I love gobs and gobs of brown sugar on. The first time I just put a dash of the Yacon on it and still put some brown sugar on, because I was to hesitant not to. Well just today, I just decided to go ahead and put a little more of the syrup on it, and eat it. And I did not need any brown sugar on it. And it tasted pretty good. Here's some pics I just took:


There are also other recipes you can try with this. I was reading on another blog - how she mixed it in with a fruit smoothie.

Dr. Oz has a few ideas for recipes also - including a salad dressing and caramel corn.

As far as weight loss goes - I am not sure as of yet, I know in the past say about 8 mths. I have lost about 10 pounds, of my own doing. I would love to lose maybe about 5 more. I have used about half of the bottle of the Yacon Syrup, and I will see at the end of it, if I have lost any weight. I will update you guys then.

(I am hesitantly saying I may have lost about 1 lb since trying this - so far)

But all in all this product is pretty good and I would recommend it to you. One way or another it seems like a lot healthier alternative to pure sugar.

You can learn more about Yacon Syrup from Quality Encapsulations on Amazon and also:

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this was sent to me free to review, all opinions are my own. This particular product is not specifically endorsed by Dr. Oz.


  1. I would try it in my coffee. It sounds like a good alternative.

  2. I have a friend who just talked about it recently - it's supposed to be a great alternative to sugar.
    I'm interested!

  3. I have never heard of yacon syrup. I might have to give it a try sometime. Have a terrific weekend!