Thursday, March 13, 2014

Ozeri 360 Tower Fan Review

The following was sent complimentary for review:

I recently received the Ozeri Tower fan as pictured above to review. First, though below is some product info taken from their Amazon page:

Boasting unrivaled technology, the Ozeri 360 Tower Fan oscillates at 60, 90, 120, or 360 degrees for partial to complete air circulation with 3 whisper quiet speed settings. Utilizing advanced cylindrical motion technology with over 200 noise-reducing micro-blades, the 360 Tower Fan achieves remarkable airflow velocity while remaining impressively quiet. The 360 Tower fan offers 3 fan whisper quiet speed settings for customized airflow. It also features 3 preprogrammed airflow patterns designed to foster sleep, relaxation and comfort with up to 360 degree complete oscillation for timely relief on a sweltering summer day or for refreshing circulation all year long. The Ozeri 360 Tower Fan features an 8-hour timer that can be programmed in 30 minute increments with ease, and a multi-colored LCD that displays all fan functions and the room temperature. All of the Fan's features, including programmable timer, are easily controlled via the included extended-range remote or via the fan’s front control buttons. The 360 Tower fan features a dismountable design that only requires the hand assembly of fan base using 3 included screws, with no special tools required. Satisfaction guaranteed.

My take on the product:
Funny thing is this actually was delayed on the delivery by a couple of days, because there was a snow storm. So needless to say the weather wasn't really conducive to using this at the time.

Tuesday, though we had a touch of Spring and it got up to about 78 degrees here. So when I came home, I found it in my son's room. He said he was hot and wanted to use it.

I asked him some questions about how it worked and how he liked it and this is what he said:

"I like it, works great, 10 out of 10 stars, would purchase again."

- which may not be a bad idea. to get at least one more. Because I know when it starts getting hot again, my house is like a furnace and although we do have air conditioning, I don't love to run it all the time & don't keep it going all night long either.

Some more thoughts:
I have had some other fans like this in the past. And the last one I remember made so much noise it was ridiculous! Especially if you wanted to use it while you're sleeping. The Ozeri 360 Tower fan is so quite you can hardly hear it.

My son also said he likes how it can turn 360 degrees, also the little remote it comes with is cool. And as far as assembly - it is easy - my daughter put it together for me!

This fan has a lot of cool features that I am looking forward to discovering more about as needed. Or I probably could ask my son, because he probably has it all figured out. Check it out for yourself!

Buy it: Click here to to purchase one of these. (it is actually showing currently out of stock - but you can add it to your wish list for when it comes back in!)

disclose: I got this free to review - all opinions are my own.


  1. I sleep with a fan on for the noise, so I like noisy fans.

  2. I'm with you Susan, I have to be in a quiet and dark room or I can not get to sleep. This fan looks like a great product! We've been having spring like weather out here this week with temps in the 50's, so I'll be thinking about hot weather soon. Have a great weekend!