Sunday, March 16, 2014

Vaseline #MenSpray - His & Her Review @Influenster

You may have read about my #Jadorevoxbox in a couple of my other posts. Well now I want to tell you a little more about one of the products I got.

It is called Vaseline Men Spray Lotion.

I asked my husband some questions about the Pros and Cons about this. Interview:


Her: What do you like about the Men's Vaseline Spray?
Him:  I like how easy it is to use

Her: When do you like to use it?
Him: I like to use it when I get out of the shower

Her: What body part are you using it most on?
Him: on my legs

Her: is it working?
Him: yes, it is helping with the dryness

Her: what else to you like about it:
Him: I like that it isn't greasy and that you don't really have to rub it in


Her: Is there anything you don't like about the Men's Vaseline Spray?
Him: I feel the scent is a little overpowering at times. A little less smell would be good, but I am super sensitive (ha-ha)

As usual check out my Instagram for a few pictures/videos I took of the Men's Spray. Including this goofy one of my husband.

you can find this product in most major retail stores such as Walmart & Walgreens

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especially check out their FB page, because they always are posting coupons for this!

I received this product in my #jadorevoxbox complimentary for testing purposes only from


  1. Vaseline has always made great products and based on your review, I am sure this is just as amazing.

  2. I love most Vaseline products that I have tried, so I am sure this one is awesome, too!