Friday, March 21, 2014

10 Home Theater Helpers Under $50

Disclosure: I received free products to review.

Thrifty home theater products that’ll elevate your entertainment enjoyment

With an array of major sporting and entertainment events on the horizon, home theater enthusiasts and sports buffs alike are scrambling to ensure their home entertainment systems are up to par--but without breaking the bank. With this home theater system scramble in mind,, an industry-leading retailer of home theater-related solutions, spotlights this array of budget-friendly products to help optimize the at-home entertainment experience.

Home Theater Wire Management Kit ($45.00)
Create a showroom-quality Home Theater setup. This kit gives you what you need to connect a variety of peripherals like gaming systems, satellite, recording devices, and audio without having to sacrifice your décor. It includes cord winders, clips, cable ties, a label maker and a complete raceway management system to discretely route cables around your home.

Kableflags Cable Identification Tags ($5.87)
Kableflags are the simplest and most efficient way to make sure you never unplug the wrong cable again. These tags ensure you can easily identify cables to avoid blind troubleshooting. They are fully adjustable and fit just about any size cable. Made from soft PVC polyvinyl chloride (vinyl), these tags are long lasting and use no adhesive, unlike printed labels.

Smart Strip Power Saving Surge Protector ($28.59)
The Smart Strips allow you to save money on your electric bills by turning off electronic devices that are not being used. This failsafe method works even when you forget, so your home doesn't waste energy. On average the Smart Strip has been known to save over 260 watts or more per hour to save even more on energy costs.

Wiring Solution Home Theater Cable Manager  ($32.95)
When it comes to a perfect presentation experience, the setup is often just as important as the presentation itself. The Wiring Solution hides wires coming from your flat screen TV, and can be easily painted to blend into any decor. If you're looking for a way to achieve professional-looking results affordably, the Wiring Solution is the perfect solution.

Latching Cable Raceway (Starting at $5.90)
-metallic wiring management systems such as cable raceways are a functional, affordable, attractive solution for wire enclosure applications in commercial, industrial as well as residential environments. Our line of extruded raceways includes a full complement of accessories such as pre-applied adhesive backing, fittings, inside and outside corners so your wire management systems can be 100% customized. All surface raceway parts are made of strong, durable, lightweight, UL 94-VO compliant flame resistant PVC that is also paintable (Latex) to perfectly match walls, ceilings and even baseboards.

Non-Contact Voltage Tester ($20.25)
Many accidental shocks to electrical technicians could be prevented with a 2 second test using a voltage meter like the Klein Tools Non-Contact Voltage Tester. No contact with the bare wire is needed- just place the tip near a device you would like to check for active electricity, and within seconds, the tester will warn you with both a visual and auditory response.

Version 1.4 Certified HDMI Cables (starting at $11.45)
Designed to connect digital sources such as set top boxes, as well as up-convert DVD players, HD DVD players, Blu-ray Disc player, camcorders, personal computers and video game consoles to be compatible with devices such as computer monitors or digital televisions. These advanced HDMI cables are equipped with 3D technology and ready for the next step in digital entertainment.

Monster Video® 1 Component Video Cable ($39.95) 
Monster Video 1 low-loss component video (MV1CV) offers improved performance for the best possible picture. MV1CV features a dual foil and high-purity, high density braided copper shielding to reject interference. A low-density structured foam dielectric ensures low-loss video signal transfer. Component video uses three cables to send red, green and blue signals to provide the sharpest, clearest, best possible picture.

Low Voltage Cable Pass Through Wall Plate (Starting at $2.55)
Having messy, disorganized cables/wires exposed in and around your entertainment center can easily distract from and diminish the enjoyment of your modern home theater. So how do you tackle this messy cable dilemma, and give your home theater the professional finish it deserves? You could use inexpensive wire loom or cable raceway, but you would still have to deal with hiding, painting, and installing these products. By using Datacomm's affordable and easy to install cable pass-through wall plates, you can make those cables disappear without your money or time following suit.

DataComm Surround Sound Wallplate ($25.20)
Today's home theaters are complicated systems that consist of multiple components and wiring, which can quickly lead to disarray and tangles of wires that distract you from your entertainment and enjoyment. Installing surround sound wall plates in your home allows you to skip the long, unsightly runs of cables, and give your home theater the clean and professional finish that it deserves.

My review:

of the above products, mentioned - I received two of them. I got an HDMI cable:


and the Kableflags:

I'm excited to use these products. I think I am going to use the HDMI cable on the new TV we got for the kitchen. And I want to try using the Kableflags on some stuff my son has plugged in. He has a TV and PlayStation and some other stuff going on back there so these will really come in handy.

Check out the website to purchase these and the other products mentioned. What one would you like?

I received free products to facilitate this post.


  1. I think these would make my husband's life. I'm all about the surge protectors personally, but my husband builds things with sound and lighting!