Saturday, January 25, 2014

Time to start thinking about the Prom

I was just talking to my mother, because she received the graduation picture of my son. I just had sent it to her in the mail. He is wearing a Tux in the picture and he is so handsome! Then we were taking about the next time he may be wearing a Tux and we thought of the Prom.

The Senior Prom is coming up, and I hope my son decides to go to it. I think it is either in April or May. Being a guy they don't get as much fun or flexibility in what they wear, as a girl does. But I think the guy has to or tries to match what his date is going to wear.

Before you pick out what colors for your tie and jacket, etc., you would want to know the color of the DressFirst. I really like the above dress that is pictured. Isn't that gorgeous? Here is another dress that I like:

Just looking at some of these 2014 Prom Dresses, I realize I think I lean more towards the pastel colors. If my son does go to the prom and his date decides on a pink color, it would be cool if he wore a matching bow tie and cummerbund. We will have to wait and see what happens.

It is still a few more years off for my daughter to think about the Prom. But she, I am sure will go. She is already planning on it, unlike my son. So I will be able to at least help her pick out a dress when the time comes.  I'm not quite sure what her style is, but I bet she would like something like this:

Do you know anyone who is going to the Prom this year? What kind of colors, styles do you like? 

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