Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Right at the end of October I happened to mention to my husband about "NoShaveNovember," he had actually never heard of it. But I told him you don't shave for the whole month of November - & it's to raise awareness for men's health (in particular prostate cancer? I think.)

So for some reason he decided to do it. Here is various pictures of him.

If you recall the pic of him on Oct. 31st: (he always has a mustache)

this is a little over half way through the month

then here is Dec. 1st 

He also shaved it in stages a goatee and a fu manchu he said:

maybe yes to this

no way to this

He shaved it off down to his regular mustache. Maybe he'll grow it back and do a goatee. He said a bunch of other guys at his work did the NoshaveNovember too. It would be cool if his work donated some money to cancer research. 


  1. My husband is not allowed to have facial hair (military thing).

  2. I think it suited him and all for a good cause ...brilliant

    Have a funtastic week :-)

  3. I like it! It's for charity! And he pulled it off. My husband can't really grow a mustache but he gets a red beard. Which is weird because he's not a redhead but he gets a red beard.

  4. I kind of like the fu manchu. My husband grows a beard during tax season (he's a CPA). I kinda like it. During the winter anyway.

  5. Perfect beard! :)

    Happy Wordless Wednesday! My entry is here.

  6. Nice beard! My dad likes that one! :)

  7. My husband suggested that they should make no-shave November a year round thing. All for a good cause, you know.

  8. Movember is big in Australia - there are quite a few men all newly shaven this week, looking very pleased with themselves, having raised money for prostate cancer. Well done to your hubby!
    Thanks for your visit to my WW
    Wren x