Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Right at the end of October I happened to mention to my husband about "NoShaveNovember," he had actually never heard of it. But I told him you don't shave for the whole month of November - & it's to raise awareness for men's health (in particular prostate cancer? I think.)

So for some reason he decided to do it. Here is various pictures of him.

If you recall the pic of him on Oct. 31st: (he always has a mustache)

this is a little over half way through the month

then here is Dec. 1st 

He also shaved it in stages a goatee and a fu manchu he said:

maybe yes to this

no way to this

He shaved it off down to his regular mustache. Maybe he'll grow it back and do a goatee. He said a bunch of other guys at his work did the NoshaveNovember too. It would be cool if his work donated some money to cancer research.