Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas Parade - 2013

Saturday my daughter was in the Christmas Parade in our town. She participated again with her dance school.

This year we bought a real fancy new outfit:

Here is her dance school's float:

The girls dancing (my daughter is in the middle row)

They always have some cool antique cars:

someone did a duck dynasty float

There are all kinds of floats and people in the parade from the town, like girl scouts, boy scouts, High school band, 4-H club, etc. They have judges and the groups perform when they stop in front of them.

This year my daughter's dance school got Judges Choice!

on the float - her school had collected over 300 canned goods for the local food shelter!

Santa was the last float - but I didn't get pic of him this year, because my daughter's group was right before him - so I had to leave and make sure I caught up to her!

 (p.s) it was freezing out!

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