Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Dedicated to My Friend

I'm sorry to interrupt the happy Christmas posts, etc. But there has been a tragedy in my family.

This is dedicated to my sister's boyfriend, Paul. He died last week. This was a very sudden and  unexpected death. He collapsed at work on December 2nd,  then was in a coma & on life support. He died a week later.

I am so sad -  he was my friend! I knew him for over 12 years and loved him like a brother. This is for him, because he was one of the only family members to actually read my blog once in awhile.

Here is picture of my sister, Paul & my two kids I think 10 yrs ago. At Storyland:

(I think 2003)

we used to go camping & fishing together even though it wasn't really his "thing." but he seemed to enjoy it when we did it:

I first met him when my daughter was barely a year old. My daughter and him always had a special bond:

I think  2003

We both loved Red Sox
We both loved Johnny Cash.

                           "Goodbye Little Darlin' Goodbye" by Johnny Cash

Goodbye, little darlin', we're parting
Parting don't always mean goodbye
Although we had to part, you're always in my heart
Goodbye, little darlin', goodbye

Goodbye, little darlin', I'll miss you
Miss you like the stars would miss the sky
I hate to see you go, I'm gonna miss you so
Goodbye, little darlin', goodbye

Goodbye, little darlin', I love you
Love you until the day I die
Would you dream a dream of me, wherever you may be
Goodbye, little darlin', goodbye

Oh - I want to add - one thing also. I was lucky enough to win a giveaway last week. And part of it was to donate to a charity of my choice. So Paul's charity was Juvenile diabetes (because his nephew has it) and I was able to donate $500 to his local JDRF