Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Son's School Picture - 2014

Here is my son's school picture this year:

please disregard the writing/whited out parts - lol! This is actually just a proof. Being that my son is a senior this year. I had to pay extra just for 4 proofs. Now to get just one - say 5X7 - I am going to have to pay a lot for it!

The only reason I guess is because the seniors can do a whole photo shoot, a variety of pics, poses, wardrobe changes. You didn't have to do that & my son was one of the one's who just wanted this one pose. But it is still going to cost me like 3 times as much just for one picture! I have til January to order, I will order a real one soon! lol. 

Oh well, I really like this picture anyway!