Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hair Fashion Accessories

Do you ladies like to wear hair accessories? Perhaps you do, and maybe your daughters do too, like mine.

I know my daughter is really interested in hair fashion. She is always wearing different hair accessories. Like headbands, bows, etc. She is always looking for a new and or different idea about how to wear her hair.

Is there any new trends that you are all seeing with hair fashion? One that I have noticed lately that is super cool is extensions. I know some girls that are wearing different kinds of extensions.

Some hair extensions that I saw are from Fine Featherheads. It is like weaving feathers into your hair and looks really awesome. I saw some hot pink ones the other day. Another thing you might have seen is the hair chalk. You can color your hair really neat colors with the chalk/tint. And the thing that is good about those is they wash out in the shower.

So there is no commitment - if you don't like it it washes right out. My daughter really wants to try those. Do you think you or someone you know would like to try those. How about purple, blue or one called green envy in your hair? Let me know in the comments if you have any other ideas on hair fashion! 


  1. My daughter would surely go to school with pink hair every day!

  2. I've seen kids weaving feathers into their hair, although I think the trend is dying down.....at least around here.