Friday, April 5, 2013

Save Money with Planning

When it comes to saving money thinking ahead is one of the best ways you can save money while shopping. First, do not go shopping without making a list of what you need and most importantly stickling to it. That way you will ensure that you actually buy what you need and not spend your money on various other ‘miscellaneous items’.
Figuring out what you ‘need’ is also important. When grocery shopping for example, look in your fridge and pantry and make a meal plan for the upcoming week. That way when you go grocery shopping you can focus on buying the ingredients that will allow you to use up what you already have in your home.
It is often good to check out online offers as opposed to shopping in store. You can save a lot of time and money that way. Before making a purchase check out what discounts you can get at the various retailers through websites such as It only takes a few minutes to browse but it can point you in the direction of great savings.  There is nothing worse than realizing that you could have saved money on items that you have purchased if you only planned ahead.


  1. Good idea. I am one of those people that wings it in the grocery store. I do bring a list, but somehow all this extra stuff ends up in my cart. Go figure.

  2. Online shopping is so much fun and also easy! Save money&time:)

  3. Thanks for sharing your tips! I am already doing most of that. :)