Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Refresh Your Home: What to Do With that Awkward Wall

wall image from http://greigedesign.blogspot.com.au/2012/09/weekend-wishes.html

Many homes have them, and many women struggle with the same dilemma you
have: what to do with that awkwardly placed or shaped wall in a prominent place
in your home. Perhaps it’s at an angle in a room that feels like it should be square.
Perhaps it’s an awkward length, and a full-sized couch is too long to be placed
against it, but chairs and loveseats are just too small. Perhaps it breaks up a space
that feels like it should be open and flowing. Whatever the case may be, get creative
with solutions to turn that wall from an eyesore into a prominent feature.

Consider Unique Furniture Options

Perhaps most standard furniture doesn’t fit the space quite right. If that’s the case,
look for unique items that may take a bit more hunting but will be worth the wait.
Many furniture companies now make midi sofas. Unlike other unique furniture items,
you can find midi sofas fairly easily, and they can be a great, cozy addition to your
home, perfect for curling up with the kids to read a bedtime story or snuggling with
your husband at the end of the day. You can also scour thrift stores, antique shops,
and flea markets to find unique pieces. This will take a lot more work, but it’s a great
way to get out with the family or some close girlfriends and look for items that will
enhance your home.

Turn It Into Art

If furniture fails you, or if you do find the right midi sofa and want to add some
pizzazz to your space, turn the wall into art. Custom paint a large canvas in
dimensions that fill most of the wall, or blow up a favorite photograph and have it
framed. You’ll want the art to be stunning and fill the room with something that’s just
your style.


You could cover the entire wall in a texture that reflects the style of the rest of your
decor. Wood and weathered planks might work well in some spaces, or tightly
arranged rods of bamboo, adhered to the wall. You could even experiment with
different types of fabric, and perhaps create your own personal tapestry to hang
against the wall. Old windows are a cool option as well -- purchase several at an
antique store, and hang them in close proximity to one another to cover the whole

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  1. Some great ideas here! We definitely have those awkward walls in our house...especially in the living room!


  2. We totally have awkward walls! Glad to hear that people are thinking about that and offering tips. (and that we're not the only ones)

  3. We have one wall that is the entire depth of the house and expands two prominent spaces. It’s such a pain to decorate because it’s so big, but needs to be cohesive for basically the entire upper floor. I love the idea of wood planks or fabric. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Now I have to go see what a mini couch is like!

  5. Awesome tips! I have lots of blank wall space that could use a little something.