Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Need A Lunch Tote

Now that school started, there are so many school supplies that are needed. The kids came home with a whole list of things they needed. I bought so many different things, from notebooks to calculators.

I have had to run around for the past couple of weeks, collecting different things they need for school. Just when I thought it might be over (at least for a little while), I found out it was not. My daughter informed me that she needed a lunch tote.

She decided she doesn't like the school lunches. So now my newest mission is to find some lunch totes or at least maybe one suitable one.

One thing I know is she wants pink. Or at least mostly pink. And I think that it is important to get an insulated one. That way it will keep things cold. There is really a big selection of lunch totes, and I hope we can find something that she likes.

So although I thought my school shopping was done, I still have to find something for her lunches. And probably after that, I'm sure there will be something else to buy also.

What about you? Are you done school shopping? And do your kids bring their own lunch?

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