Monday, September 24, 2012

Camping Again

We are planning another camping trip. I think we may go on Columbus Day weekend. It should be fun.

We had found a state park they we really like. So we are going to go back there. It probably will be a lot cooler temperatures, at that time though. One thing about the state parks around here is they don't allow swimming after labor day. And when we went there last time, we found out after 6 pm you aren't supposed to go swimming either.

It seems kind of strict. Were we used to live you could swim whenever you wanted and there hardly was even a lifeguard sometimes.  Which I guess it is for your own safety the rules they have here, but when you're camping you kind of want to go swimming whenever you feel like it. Even though in October it could be cooler, I know sometimes you get the "Indian summer" type weather. But I guess we won't be able to go swimming.

Well, we will be able to do some other fun things. Like, fishing. Going to do tons of fishing, because that is a really good time of year for that.

Last time we were there my son wanted to go kayaking, by himself. I'm kind of nervous of that. But as long as they have life jackets that he can wear, then I guess it should be ok. Maybe someone else should go with him too, just to have a partner to keep an eye on each other. Then I think I would feel better about it.


  1. Yes, that would be a terrific weekend to go!

  2. My family's rule: Never go in or on the water by yourself. Two or more at all times.

  3. LOVE camping. Haven't been in over a year. Have fun!!!!