Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Look for Boat Fenders

I like boating? Do you? It can be a lot of fun to spend a day out on a boat. I know one person who really loves boats. I remember many years ago spending summers going out on his boat. It was a lot of fun. We had some really fun trips.

One trip we went fishing off the boat. We caught so many fish on that trip. It was out in the ocean, we caught some flounder. It was a rare time when we caught so many we actually kept them all. And we went home and cooked them up for dinner. We never got so lucky!

Another time I remember after a day of boating, we pulled up onshore and me and someone else went up to get some take out at a seafood restaurant. Yum! When we came back, our friend said he couldn't get the boat started. Something with the engine. This was a bit of a pain. We had to pull the boat up on shore, I don't remember all the exacts but I remember a lot of waiting around, while we somehow got the boat towed back home.

That didn't dampen my friends love for boats. He bought a huge boat a number of years ago. And it was basically a fixer upper. He worked on it for a long time. Buying lots of different parts. I'm sure he even had to buy some boat fenders at some point. I think he is still working on this boat, actually. Maybe someday, I will be able to have some fun times on this boat!


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  1. Kinda funny to think of a boat as a fixer-upper, but there are clearly boat people just like there are car people. I hope you DO get a ride on that one day!