Wednesday, January 25, 2012


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Hey everyone. I have some really great information for you. This is terrific news for those who are concerned about the environment. I know I am - and I like to help out in anyway that is available. Well if you do too -  and you also want to make some extra money than read on for a way to do that.

I just learned about a website called This website helps you to recycle your old cell phones and electronics. This is a very important matter. Because I was just reading that making mobile phones really causes a lot of chemicals into the environment.  These are very hazardous to everyone. Some  such chemicals could be arsenic and antimony. Whoa, I just looked up what antimony is and it said it was a toxic chemical! So it obviously be great if we could cut back on the manufacturing of cell phones.

Well now is helping with that. They can help reduce the risks to the environment by recycling and reusing your old cell phones. This site makes it so easy to sell your old phones and you can even Sell Your iPhone. Even if they are broken. Check it out to see what other electronics you can sell.

But why not make some extra cash and help the environment? Sounds good to me!

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