Thursday, October 7, 2010

BrytonPick Review

I was recently sent a product called BrytonPick to review.

Product Information:
BrytonPick makes cleaning between teeth easy, fast and discreet

Designed, developed and tested by dental professionals.

Solution for on-the-go or alternative for those that are unable to floss

Made of flexible stainless steel and plastic holder

Blunt cleaning edges are thin as the finest floss (0.0019")

Re-usable up to 30 days (germ-resistant stainless steel).

Cleanse with napkin or water. Store in its Carry-pouch.

BrytonPick is 100% produced in USA at FDA registered facilities (QS-9000 / ISO9001 Certified)

My Take on the Product: 
When I first received the Bryton Pick I was at first a little skeptical on how it would work. I think I had just had a snack, and went to the bathroom mirror to try it. Honestly it felt a little weird at first, like putting metal into your mouth. But it said it would take some getting used to. So I have been continuing to try it.

And now that it is about a week later, I have really been getting used to it. After eating I do seem to get food stuck between my teeth. And I like that I can even keep the Bryton Pick in the little carry pouch it comes in, right in my jacket pocket. I have gotten skilled at using this and don't even have to look in the mirror anymore. Oh, another thing I like is that it is reusable up to 30 days!

I would recommend this to anyone who wants to keep good dental hygiene by flossing, and it is great for traveling, work, school, or anywhere where you may need to be discreet with your flossing!

Visit: for more information!

Buy it: BrytonPick is available at stores such as CVS, A&P, and more. Check their website for more stores!

 Pictures from product website.

Disclaimer: I received this product for the sole purpose of reviewing it. No monetary compensation was given and the opinions are my own.
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