Friday, May 7, 2010

Starting A New Business

You may or may not recall me mentioning my sister-in-law in the past. Well, anyway about a year ago she was "laid off" from her job. She had been working at the same company for almost 30 years!

It was quite a blow when she lost here job like that. Considering she was just shy of her 60th birthday. At least she was given a nice severance pay. So she could take a little time to think about what she wanted to do next.

After some time what she decided she wanted to do was start her own business. At her age she thought instead of trying to get a job somewhere she  figured it was a good time to finally do something for herself. She always wanted to start her own business.

She has always been into antiques and vintage stuff. Her and one of her friends for years would go antiquing. And go to auctions and antique shows and things like that. So she always has had a big interest in that area. So she decided she wanted to open up her own antique shop.

After a lot of planning she just opened her shop up a couple of weeks ago. Some things she took time planning was leasing space somewhere, buying her stock in various places. And another thing I know she spent time considering was her business cards. She first had to decide on the name of her shop. Which she has named it Symbols. And then she wanted to come up with a good design for the business cards to display her idea for her shop. Creating a nice business card is a very important step in starting a new business.

I really hope she ends up having a lot of good luck in her antique shop!


  1. Glad to hear that your sister is getting a second chance at working. How great that she can combine something she loves to do and making money doing it. Good luck to her new business!

  2. Good luck to your SIL.I'm glad she got a chance to start a business she loved.Have a great weekend and Happy Mother's Day Sue!