Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thursday Thirteen #32

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Lately I've been hearing what National Day it is. Mostly to hearing it on The Hoda & Kathie Lee show. Like for example did you know Tuesday was National Popcorn Day? And yesterday was National Penguin Awareness Day.

Here's 13 National Days starting with today:

1. Squirrel Appreciation Day & National Hugging Day - Jan. 21
2. National Blonde Brownie Day - Jan. 22
3. National Handwriting Day - Jan. 23
4. Eskimo Pie Day & National Compliment Day - Jan. 24
5. Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day - Jan. 25
6. National Speak Up & Succeed Day - Jan. 26
7. Chocolate Cake Day - Jan. 27
8. National Kazoo Day - Jan. 28
9. National Puzzle Day - Jan. 29
10. National Croissant Day - Jan. 30
11. National Seed Swap Day - Jan. 31
12. National Freedom Day - Feb. 1st.
13. Groundhog Day - (an actual holiday) Feb. 2nd

So there you go. That should keep you covered for the next 13 days. I guess there is a holiday for everything. Some days I listed actually had more then one for each day. So this is only a sampling.

So Happy Hugging Day today! And Squirrel Appreciation day! Maybe go hug a squirrel!


  1. Wow, who comes up with this stuff? National Blonde Brownie??? Lol... makes me smile though! =o)
    Droppin' in from SITS!

  2. Here are some hugs for you...xxxxx

    I love bubble wrap. I didn't know that there's a bubble wrap appreciation day. I'll take note of that :)

    Happy Thursday!

  3. Well...I may just have to celebrate tomorrow :)

    Have a great Thursday!

  4. My daughter was born on National Seed Swap Day. I guess we'll have to celebrate that along with her birthday. Great information!

  5. WOW, what's really amazing is how many "national (blank) day"s there are in less than two weeks!

  6. LOL ... methinks some people have too much discretionary time ... but I like the idea of Chocolate Cake Day ;-)
    Hugs and blessings,