Thursday, January 28, 2010

New “Cheap Apartment" search engine!

In my hopes of one day moving to a warmer climate (as I'm facing below zero wind chills here today), I was checking out some Cheap Apartments in Jacksonville.

That would be a dream come true. I have visited Florida four times in the past. I really loved it, and could totally see myself living there.

But trying to find somewhere to live is the hard part. I found a website though that could help me find some cheap apartments. This site is amazing. They have pictures of some really nice apartments on there. I was just looking at one in a nice neighborhood, with a pool! Oh, how I would love that. They also have a great way to sort the listings by price, and you can even see floorplans of the listings!

I'm going to show my husband the cheap (cheap in price, but very nice) apartment I found in the Jacksonville area, when he gets home later!


  1. I love Florida. But I don't think I'd enjoy living there.

  2. My niece lives in Jacksonville, I bet she could use this information and I'm definitely passing it along!