Thursday, January 14, 2010

Entrecard Drops

I've seen on some of my fellow bloggers and Entrecard droppers blogs, posts on viruses they're computers have gotten recently. They are attributing this to Entrecard. I do not doubt it. The same thing happened to me about a year ago last month actually.

I have noticed my Norton Security blocking what is called a Bloodhound virus (something like that) recently when I am dropping EC's. I can not take the chance of something happening to my computer. So like I've read on others blogs, I am only going to drop on a list I created as my favorites. I will try to add a few more blogs to it as I go along.

I can no longer drop on everyone who drops on me. I do not want to take a chance of getting a virus. Some of these blogs are junk anyway. Is anyone working at Entrecard anymore?

Too bad too, I had just gotten back on the front page in my category. I guess that might change. Oh well.


  1. One just popped up on me while I was reading this. I had a couple of sites open on my EC bar and sure enough. Ugh. It was blocked, but I'm still mad. There are two sites that I've found guilty of this. Where is EC folks anyway????

  2. I haven't used EntreCard in a very long time. When they added the paid ads, everything got weird. I started seeing nasty ads that I did not approve on my widget. I would cancel all paid requests, but sometimes they would still run. I was getting more junk drops and requests than real ones.

    It's funny you should write this, though, because I was actually just thinking of giving it another shot. I was curious if it has improved.

  3. same thing happened to me. can't ec folks do something about it?

    Btw, nuts of make or break is hosting a contest right now. Can you help me win by leaving a comment on this link that you are referred by me?

    Thank you in advance!

  4. Thanks for the heads up on this. I had no idea this was happening.

  5. Hi Sue, I still use Entrecard! :) I have found that using Firefox with the NoScript add on keeps most of the nasties away. NoScript prevents most of the malicious scripts from loading. If you're interested, email me and I will explain in greater detail. Take care! :)