Wednesday, August 19, 2009

truTV - Actuality TV

This above commercial is so funny. I never really knew what truTV was or that we even got that channel. Until recently when my son started watching it.

While watching it he will talk out loud. My son will make all kinds of statements about what he is watching on truTV. He'll talk back to the TV, saying "no way," or laughing out loud at what is going on. This is called the truTV effect.

One of his favorite shows on truTV is The Smoking Gun Presents. I have to admit I have watched it a few times myself. And found it to be quite funny. They have celebrities such as Danny Bonaduce and Todd Bridges critiquing videos. These videos are so funny, because they are usually of people doing really stupid things. And sometimes are of stupid criminals getting caught doing dumb things. It is really so funny. My son and I are laughing out loud watching this show.

Another show my son likes is Most Daring. These are videos of people who are doing really daring things. It is amazing to watch these videos and see what people can get into. And it is miraculous when the people do these daring things and that they don't really end up getting that hurt. You really have to watch it to see for yourself.

Be warned though the stories are real and the effect is actual. So you may find yourself talking out loud, laughing out loud, yelling at the TV or hitting the person next to you in reaction to watching a truTV video.

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