Friday, February 4, 2022

3 Tips for Writing a Compelling Novel

 Most authors spend time every day on their writing practice. Writing practice helps improve writing skills and provides a springboard for creativity to flourish because as you write, you think of new ideas. Eventually, you might be at the point where you want to tackle what many consider the pinnacle of writing, namely, writing your first novel. Although many routes can lead you to this ultimate goal, three qualities stand out in the most captivating stories. 

Know Your Subject

This familiar writer's tip has been around for a long time, and for good reason. Specific, interesting details help draw the reader into the story, and therefore the more you know about the book's topic, the more well-supplied you will be with those details. For example, authors who have worked in a specific area, such as Jay Gaskill, a former lawyer and Chief Public Defender in California, bring authority and deep knowledge of the subject matter they write. This understanding lends an undeniable authenticity and believability to the work.

Captivating Main Character

The main character of your story gets the bulk of the pages in your book. Therefore, keeping your readers turning the pages happens by creating a character that somehow resonates with them. For example, the character might be goodness personified or evil immaculate. Nevertheless, there need to be qualities built into this character that readers find exciting and about which they want to learn more. Doing some thinking about this person's background, including their habits, social, political and family affiliations, only makes these characters stronger because of the believability in the details that the writer provides.

Create a Thrilling Plot

The plot usually revolves around a problem that the main character has to solve. By adding unexpected obstacles, the reader joins in the situation along with the protagonists and builds an inherent interest in seeing how these characters resolve their dilemmas, if they do.

By including these three tips in your novel writing, you will create a work that will draw readers in and leave them wanting a sequel.

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