Saturday, February 5, 2022

How To Help a Dog With Separation Anxiety

 If your dog whines and cries every time you leave the house, he or she is probably experiencing separation anxiety. This is miserable for your dog, of course, but it could also lead to destructive behavior. Therefore, you will want to try some solutions designed to ease your pup's mind when you must be away from home.

A Pet Sitter

If your dog is making a mess of your house every time you run errands, you might consider hiring a pet sitter. Have a friend drop by to stay with your dog, or get a sitter through an online service. If you must be gone for longer periods of time, think about bringing your dog to a friend's house where he or she can enjoy companionship and supervision. You will have to pay a hired pet sitter, of course, but you should also give your friend a stipend or gift of some sort.

Pet Day Care

Alternately, you could look into taking your dog to a pet day care Spring TX. The staff at a pet day care will provide plenty of attention for your dog as well as good food, treats, exercise, socialization and comfortable places to nap. You will receive the assurance that you will not come home to a trashed house and an upset dog. Pet day care does come with fees, but you can ask about package deals and discounts to save money.

A Companion

Finally, if you dog gets along well with other animals, you might get a companion for him or her. A dog or cat buddy could ease your pet's stress and introduce a new level of comfort and calm. There is a risk in this solution, though, for it might take time for both animals to adjust to the new situation. If possible, introduce them before the final adoption, and see how they respond to each other.

A pet sitter, a pet day care or a companion might be just right to give your dog (and you) more peace of mind.

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