Monday, November 2, 2020

Steps to Fixing Up a Boat

 There is something romantic about restoring a boat and then taking it out on the open seas to find either high adventure or just to get away from the hustle and bustle of modern life. Before launching that vessel, however, do make sure it’s seaworthy.

Clean it Up

The first thing your new-to-you boat is going to need is a good old-fashioned scrub down. Don’t even dream about buying marine paint supplies until you’ve used a power washer over the entire hull, degreased the engine, scrubbed mildew stains from the vinyl, sponged off the console, and deodorized the bilge. If your boat has carpet, give it a quick smell check. Chances are the carpet could use an appointment with a wet/dry vacuum.

Take Inventory

After your boat is spic and span, it’s time to take inventory about what needs to be fixed or replaced. Keep an eye out for small cracks that could get bigger and wet wood that could lead to rot. If you’re not an expert, hire a surveyor to give your boat a once-over. He or she can tell you if there is rotted wood in the hull or deck and whether it is a major or minor problem. In addition, keep your eye out for detached or broken bulkheads, engine beds and mast steps.

Make a Plan

Whether you plan to attempt the repair work yourself or hire an expert, make a checklist of everything you want to accomplish along with a timeline for completing the work. Giving yourself a deadline for your first launch will help you stay motivated. You may not enjoy the scraping, scrubbing and drilling, but keep your eye on the prize of your first sunset cruise in your new boat.

Once your boat is in ship-shape, keep it that way by making sure that after each voyage, you check all your major systems for damage and wash everything. The sea is a harsh but delightful mistress.

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