Monday, October 19, 2020

3 Types of Adoption

 Anyone who is considering adopting a child or giving a child up for adoption should take the time to learn about the different options available. The birth parents and adoptive parents determine what level of contact will be appropriate for the situation, including what sort of information the child should know about their birth family or whether there will be any pictures or email updates sent to the birth parents.

1. Closed

In a closed adoption, no information is exchanged between the birth parents and the adoptive family. The identities of those involved will remain anonymous during the entire process, and there is no contact between the two parties at any time. After the process is completed, the records will be sealed. Depending on the local laws, the adopted child may or may not be able to access the information after they turn 18. Closed adoptions are facilitated by agencies that handle the paperwork. Depending on the agency, different resources are provided, such as adoption agencies that provide housing or support networks for adoptive families.

2. Open

The most common choice in the United States is an open adoption. During the process, information is exchanged between both parties and contact can occur in the form of phone calls, emails, text messages or in-person visits. This contact will usually continue in some form after the adoption has been finalized. In an open adoption, the child or children may have some type of relationship with their birth family throughout the course of their entire life. The type and degree of contact that is expected after everything is finalized are determined during the adoption process.

3. Semi-Open

A semi-open adoption is similar to an open adoption in that both parties are aware of each other’s identities and have some type of contact during the process. Most of the time, the communication happens through emails, photographs or phone calls. The child does not typically have direct communication with the birth parents in a semi-open adoption. The expectations will be laid out by both parties before everything is finalized.

Choosing to go through the adoption process is a major decision for everyone involved. Each situation is unique and needs to be handled in a way that is best for the birth parents, adoptive family and the child or children. Anyone who is going through the process should consult an experienced professional for advice and information to ensure things go as smoothly as possible.

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