Tuesday, November 3, 2020


 I haven't posted too many personal things on here in a long time. Something really devastating happened to me a year ago. A year ago, November 1st my wonderful amazing loving husband of 25 years passed away.

After a very short diagnosis of a certain heart condition he passed away in his sleep. Late in the month of July 2019 he was diagnosed with this and approx. 3 1/2 months later, when he was actually managing this condition and seemed to be doing ok, he suddenly must of had a heart attack in the night. 

I have been really depressed this past year, and especially in the times we are in now. it has been really tough. 

Here is what I recently posted on Facebook:

this pic actually was taken on our 15th wedding Anniversay:

this is one of my favorite pics of Jim (& Amanda & Ben actually peeking in background behind Jim in water 🙂 ) Fishing/Camping New Hampshire 2009
I can't believe it's been a year ago today since we lost you 🙁
A year since I told you I love you, since I gave you a hug, since I gave you a kiss goodnight. Life is not the same without you.
And I (& the kids) 💖💞 love and miss you so much ❤️💓💞


  1. I am so sorry. My husband of 50 years passed away six months ago. Even though we were married for 50 years, it was not long enough.

    1. thank you for visiting & commenting. I am very sorry for your loss.