Wednesday, September 2, 2020

When do you need Garage Door Repair?

With how often homeowners open and close their garage doors every year, there is sure to be some maintenance that will need to be done every so often. Over time, garage doors (just like anything else) will begin to wear and tear and if they aren't maintained, it can lead to total failure and an expensive replacement. The better avenue to take is that of regular maintenance from Pflugerville garage door repair professionals that will take the time to inspect your door, test the tracks and keep everything ship-shape.

So when do you call professionals like Austin's Greater Garage Doors? Here are a few tell-tale signs to watch out for to know when you need to service your garage door next.

1. Your Garage Door Makes a Lot of Noise

While noise is synonymous with a garage door opening and closing, you'll know when your garage door starts to sound a little bit off. If you hear extra grating or rumbling, there could be something wrong with the springs, where if you hear lots of popping sounds, your door sections may be bending incorrectly. First recognizing the sounds your garage door is making and then calling professionals to explain can help to narrow down what issues might be going on with the door.

2. Your Garage Door Won't Open or Close

One obvious sign you'll need maintenance on your garage door is when it simply won't open or close. While this can be frustrating to experience, the fix might be a little more simple and it's something that many builders of new homes run into. Some possible reasons your garage door won't open are that the door opener isn't working correctly, the cables are broken or some other faulty part. If your garage will open slightly but not all the way, then it could also be something to do with the springs in your garage door. A simple part replacement can usually remedy the issue.

3. The Door Has Come Off the Tracks

Since your garage door runs on rollers, if it comes off the tracks it will no longer be a smooth interaction. Some reasons why the garage door may come off of its track include the lift cables breaking, the vertical rails becoming misaligned or someone (or something) running into the door hard enough to knock it off track. This is a little bit trickier fix and would likely require the help of a professional to do safely.

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