Tuesday, January 10, 2017

How to Use an Unfinished Basement

Do you watch television shows and films that feature kids playing and adults having fun in a finished basement and wish that you could use your own basement in the same way? Many homes have unfinished basements with cinder block walls and cold floors. You might use that space for storage or as a laundry room and nothing else. With the help of professional contractors, you can finish that basement and make a space perfect for your kids and their friends, a home office, spare bedroom or even home gym. You just need to know what to do with that space.

Waterproof the Room

Waterproofing the basement should be your first step. If you seldom venture down those stairs, you may not realize the amount of water that seeps in through the walls and floors every time it rains. Basement waterproofing experts can seal the room and stop those leaks. They often use a type of sealant that expands to fill in any cracks. It can take up to 24 hours or even longer for that sealant to fully dry. Once it does dry, you can paint the walls or even put up wallpaper.

Change the Flooring

One reason you may dislike spending time in your basement is because the floor is so cold. This is especially true of basements that do not have insulation in the walls and of basements that have cement floors. To make that space more functional, choose a type of flooring that you can put down on the cement like wood or tile. You can even opt for heated flooring, which comes with coils that sit between the old flooring and the new flooring. Those coils make the floor so warm that you can walk around barefoot. 

Pick Your Decorations

Even after putting down new flooring and waterproofing the space, your basement may still look unfinished. Once you decide what to do with that room, pick some decorations that work with the space. For a rec room, you may want to bring in a ping pong table, some comfortable couches and posters to hang on the walls. If you want to make the space a guest room, you need a bed and some new linens. The right decorations will give your basement that homey look you want. Contractors can help you transform your unfinished basement into a livable space in less time than you thought.

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