Wednesday, January 25, 2017

How to Design an Interior for the Bold and the Beautiful

If you currently live on the coast or would like to makeover your home into an outrageous and daring retreat, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t do it! Start designing by thinking outside the box and stop being so traditional – there’s plenty of fun colors and bouncy patterns to experiment with. So roll out the red carpet with modern table lamps, floral pillows, and bright wall coloring and develop a Hollywood home that will shake up your space.
One element that'll tie it all together
First, come up with the main color that will tie the room together. If you love white, then incorporate white through a two seater sofa, ottomans, and side tables. White will break up the bold colors that will come from a striped wall that has an array of colors such as red, green, and black. Keep in mind though that white is hard to stay clean, so you may want to incorporate sofa covers that are washable and two-tone ottomans so that you won’t have to worry about cleaning.
Beautiful and durable flooring
When you live at the beach sometimes having wood or porcelain wood-textured tiles is the way to go. The idea is to opt for flooring that can sustain the wear and tear from daily trips to the beach and still look beautiful. Of course, a lot of the durability also depends on you – take care of your floors and invest in quality flooring that won’t wear down easily. Finding a reliable company such as JC Floors Plus will help you have the flooring of your dreams and that will seamlessly blend in with your beach home’s décor and elements.
Modern table lamps
Geometric table lamps with square bases will add a modern appeal to your living room space. Place them on top of your side tables by your white sofas and enjoy a modern display of appealing décor pieces. Continue to decorate your home with extra modern and daring pieces. This will develop an arrangement that will calm your showy wallpaper that will pop out in the background.
Floral pillows for a playful interior
To finish off a fun and fabulous interior, add floral pillows to your living room space. Place them on your white sofas and they will break your rule of traditional and classic decorating. When you walk into the interior, you’ll definitely love your bold and beautiful wall, but the floral pillows will also create a bold focal point. Enjoy your new space and don’t be afraid to color outside the lines to create a bold and intrepid space.
Modern elements for a peaceful retreat
You can still have a modern home at the beach, it just depends on how you decorate. Many modern beach owners opt for a modern home with eye-catching art that doesn’t necessarily focus on the beach, but draws you in. Post-modern artwork from nearby galleries may be just what you need in your living room, whereas in your entry way you may want to consider a wooden bench that guests can sit down on and take off their shoes.

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