Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Wordless Wednesday: April Fool's Joke

Hey guys, did you play any April Fool's jokes this year. Or get one played on you. Well my daughter and I were planning some this year. We were originally going to do "mayo in donut holes" that we had seen. but then we both had seen the exploding cake prank on buzzfeed. so we decided to do that.

below is a video. if you want to go to good part skip to around 1:25 in video. 

husband thought was real cake until he poked it first. Then wasn't sure what it was, then we talked him into cutting it and it "exploded" kinda. Well this was fun to do and daughter made this mostly herself. Besides it kind of exploding we also tricked him because he thought it was a real cake, and unfortunately he didn't get any real cake that day lol.

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