Monday, April 11, 2016

Insulated Water Bottle Review

Hi have a review for this water bottle I received. My husband wanted this one so I let him have it this time. lol.

He has been doing a 30 day water challenge or something at work, where you drink a gallon a day or something. So it was good that he got this water bottle.

Here is some product info on it:

Product Description
A sports flask and insulated stainless steel water bottle that ticks all the boxes
Whether you are taking this to the office or to the gym, sports, hiking, indoors or outdoors, this insulated stainless steel water bottle keeps your drinks and beverages at a temperature of your liking; hot or cold. It does not sweat, leak, rust or taste metallic.

My husband has really been liking this water bottle. It is big enough so he can use it without refilling a lot. Keeps water cold and nice straw for drinking. This is great for travel, in the car, at work, or outdoor activities like hiking, etc. It can also be used for hot beverages. And comes with two different tops, so the one with the straw will be good for water and the other pour top will be good for hot drinks.

This is a very nice insulated bottle and I would recommend it to you. And just on a side note, maybe due to him drinking more water (and also cutting out some carbs) my husband has lost about 20 lbs. recently!

If you would like to buy this bottle from the company #SteadyDoggie then go here to Amazon.

Pic of hubby using water bottle before we were going somewhere in car:

disclosure: free product received to review. *may contain affiliate links.

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