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Vape Changes and Trends Look Great for 2016

Bold new vaping worlds convey vivid proof of an old cliché, “The more things change, the more they stay the same.” Below is an overview of vaping trends that portends big changes with vital import for very concerned parties on both ends of the same fence.

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New Vaping Trends: Who, Why and When

Vape Trio Age-Group

Young Millennials dubbed ‘Gen X’ herein are within lowest age group of 18 to 35 but comprise highest vaping market share of 60 percent. Gen Y vapers from 36 to 49 years old currently hold 30 percent of vaping markets. Last yet not least, Boomers aged 50 plus are just 10 percent of all vapers but have made fastest gain in recent years. Taken in toto, older Gen Y and Boomer e-cig consumers lag only 10 percent behind youthful Gen X descendants in vaping market competition.

Far more stunning revelation is just 10 percent of all Gen Xs vape up 60 percent total market share but their Boomer elders are exactly opposed with 60 percent who vape in a market where latter grands spend just 10 percent. Gen Ys are also in peculiar dead-even position with 30 percent who vape and 30 percent of e-cig consumers.

While this may seem strange at first blush, it’s not wise to rush judgment. So please proceed by giving close read to further detail regarding pertinent facts that seem to tell the true tale.

Youngest vs. Oldest Vaping Group Opposition

Gen X survey respondents stated main reason for vaping as ‘cool, fun or hip.’ Gen Ys indicated second-hand smoke inhalation by others. Boomers’ primary motivation was decades of futile efforts to quit smoking.

Moms still know best vaper practice is socially responsible vs. indulging momentary fads with no true value commitment that leaves markets high and dry in a hot minute. Likewise, grands are wise, patient souls who use e-cigs to improve health after decades of faithful damage via loyally patronized then sole tobacco nicotine vendors.

Above observations leave no ifs, ands or BUTTs to imagination of why today or what lies in store for tomorrow’s vaping markets. In fact, one source projects Gen X vaping will soon drop 10 percent as Gen Y and Boomer vaping kicks up an extra 10 percent. This solves all mysteries about future expectations for quality assurance, reliability and cost efficiency.

New E-Cig MODs Economic Model

Vape News Magazine’s Tim Klerekoper, Ph.D., offers valuable insight via prototype depictions e-cig producer and consumer positions. Omnipresent high-tech has led consumers to become “assumers” that latest is greatest. Manufacturers exploit this IT bias by letting customers pay for the ‘privilege’ of being guinea pigs who test ‘new and improved’ products that last an average six months between full inventory changes.

This leaves no lead time for legitimate testing by experts in controlled settings, so new e-cig models just got thrown out there to fall where random chance seems to land with best chance that sticks with original plan. To support that view, Klerekoper cites e-cig product repair rates that range from .05 to 40 percent!

This applies especially to new e-cig mods introduced within just a few months of initial development with no standardized quality assurance specs. With much applause for such a ‘great concept,’ Klerekoper warned MOD manufacturers that advertise ‘limited’ or ‘controlled’ temperature regulation to make certain that measurements are accurate. He then noted algorithmic function limitation equated to more like “temperature guessing.”

To minimize risk, MOD buyers are advised to stick with brands that integrate on-board safety features and full UL testing before shipment from the manufacturer’s facility. Additional non-options are thermal monitoring, multi-backup safety systems and reverse battery protection. Finally, Dr. Klerekoper suggests paying a little more upfront for high-quality e-cig mods can yield multiple long-term savings.

Conclusions Offer Consumers Ideal Vaping Market Solutions

Father Time has taught a well-taken lesson that buyers always have greater leverage than sellers. This applies regardless of developmental stage, economic conditions or historical age. Despite relative novelty of e-cigarettes, persistent demand for better product safety and consistent quality is guaranteed to lead to both ends materializing.

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