Friday, March 4, 2016

Keyboard Wrist Pad & Mouse Pad by #CushionCare

Product Description
CushionCare Keyboard Wrist Pad comes with Mouse Pad LOVE YOUR HANDS AND WRIST!
Ever experienced painful and tingling sensation on your fingers when using your laptop or your PC? 
Has your arm and hands become numb due to hours of typing and encoding? 
Avoid wrist complications like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome now!
The CushionCare Keyboard Wrist Pad is finally here to offer the ergonomic support you need. 

This Keyboard Wrist Pad Helps To:
1. KEEP YOUR WRISTS IN NEUTRAL POSITION - This keyboard wrist pad supports your palm during periods of inactivity, ensuring proper hand position while typing.
2. PROVIDE RELIEF FOR OFFICE WORKERS AND GAME LOVERS - Made from high-quality foam, it conforms to wrists for exceptional comfort. It does not lose its shape overtime and is very durable and lightweight.
3. AVOID INJURIES that can lead to repetitive stress disorder - It helps avoid joint and wrist problems (rheumatoid arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome).

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My daughter has wanted a product like these for awhile so it was good that I got something to review. I gave them to her for her desktop computer. And she has been using them for about 2 weeks . Above is video of me testing them out though in her room.

She really likes these products and they are great for her hands and wrists. She actually had a problem with her hand recently and we went to the Dr's. I am not sure if it was a slight carpal tunnel thing or what. So now it is good that we got these products so when she is on the computer it wont' hurt her wrists, and hands so much.

This is a good idea for anyone who types a lot on a keyboard and uses the mouse pad a lot. Get these for a very reasonable price of $19.97 right now on Amazon.

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