Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Tips for Stay At Home Moms to Run Their Own Businesses

Are you interested in becoming a mompreneur? A growing number of women are choosing to work from home after having their first child. Unfortunately, creating a work-life balance isn’t nearly as easy when you are trying to work from home. Here are some things that you will need to do to try to get off on the right foot.

Hire a Babysitter

Hiring a babysitter when you are a stay at home mom may sound like a ridiculous waste of money. However, it is completely necessary if you want to take your business seriously. You are going to need to give your business your undivided attention while you are working, which means that you need to remove all possible distractions. As much as you love your kids, they are a distraction, so it’s important to hire a babysitter to take care of them.

Choose the Right Business Model

You will need to take some time to decide what business model you want to follow. Do you want to be a freelance writer? A medical billing specialist? There are a lot of different ideas that you can try. Some of them require licensure, while others are available to anyone.
The most important thing is to find a business model that works for you. You are going to be dedicating a lot of time and energy to this, so make sure that you find something that you will enjoy.

Create Contracts Beforehand

You should always have a contract drafted before starting any type of work. You need to make sure that these contracts can be easily customized for the various clients you will be working for. They need to include all important pieces of information, including:
  • The duration of the project
  • The rates you will be paid
  • Clear specifics on the work you will be providing
  • Any applicable kill fees if the project needs to be stopped early
It may be a good idea to have a lawyer review your contract up front to make sure that it can hold up in court. Most people don’t expect to ever have to sue a client, but it has happened from time to time.

Have the Right Software

You can’t expect to compete in the 21st Century without the right software. Here are some things that you should keep:
  • Invoicing software such as Aynax, which can help you create estimates and invoices. You can download this professional estimate for free.
  • Trello is a good project management tool that you may want to consider using if you work on group projects, especially if you have any contractors under you.
  • StayFocused is a good application to keep you on task if you have a tendency to use different websites. You can use it to block you from different sites after a specified period of time.
These are all good tools to have, so you should at least consider using them.  

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