Friday, October 23, 2015

Experts Warn of Cold Winter for SoCal

The official first day of winter is more than two months away. However, experts predict that the United States may be at risk of an unusually cold winter, despite previous speculation that El Nino would lift temperatures. The bitter winter could strike many unexpected parts of the country, including Southern California. Residents should be prepared before the beginning of winter.

Southwest Should Expect Cold Front

The Old Farmer’s Almanac has been tracking weather patterns for over two centuries. The publisher is among the group of experts that speculate the winter will be unusually brutal.
“Winter will be cold again in much of the nation, with below-normal temperatures along most of the Atlantic seaboard and in the Ohio Valley, Great Lakes, Pacific Northwest, and southwestern states."
The most interesting part of their prediction is that it includes California, Arizona and other Southwestern states. Citizens in these areas will need to take steps to prepare for the winter while they still have time. The first cold front could be only a couple weeks away.

Preparing for the Winter

Lifelong residents of California may have the most difficult time adjusting to a sudden cold front. While the cold may not be as severe as other parts of the country, it may catch people off guard if they have never been accustomed to it before. There are several things that should be done to prepare for the coming winter.

Check Your House for Drafts

Does your home have any drafts in it? You should consider having those patched before the first months of winter. California homes are newer than those on the East Coast, but they are still susceptible to drafts, so you should have those looked at. The money that you spend fixing a draft could save you three to four times as much in heating costs over the course of a single winter.

Speak to Your Local Heating Contractor

You will want to have your local heating contractor come by to check your heating system. They may find that there are some issues with the central heating system that need to be resolved. The experts at ABC Heating and Cooling offer exceptional services for citizens throughout Fresno and the surrounding community.

Rainproof Your Home

Is your home capable of withstanding massive downpours? It better be, because the weather patterns may bring massive downpours and even possible floods to Southern California. Officials throughout the state have been warning about the possibility since the beginning of August, which should be a serious cause for concern for many homeowners.
Any leaks in your house should be carefully plugged. You also need to make sure that your homeowner’s insurance policy is updated to protect against flooding. These policies may take a couple of months to go into effect, so it’s important to get in touch with them immediately.

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