Monday, December 29, 2014

Support A Great Organization

An organization that takes the arts seriously, Sing for Hope attempts to make music and performing accessible to people all around New York City. Thanks to a long list of volunteers and performers, Sing for Hope can help provide a creative awakening among communities that lack the necessary resources. Here are four of the best reasons to support this organization.

Music in the Streets

By providing different musical instruments throughout the five boroughs of New York City for two weeks in the year, Sing for Hope brings music to everyone. People passing by can sit down on a beautifully crafted piano and play whatever they want. These pianos sit in different street spots for two weeks, after which they are donated to schools, community areas or hospitals that cannot afford to buy them.

Singing Lessons

Thanks to a dedicated group of staff members and volunteers, Sing for Hope can offer rehearsals and classes to high school students who are interested in the arts. All of these classes are free, with students getting the chance to sing individually, in pairs and in groups. Everything from modern music to the classics is on the table, giving students the chance to really test their vocal chords. Some of these classes are transformed into concert events, where schools and the participants' families can see what they have been working towards.

Special Events

Sing for Hope never stops trying to promote their ideology of getting the arts into under-privileged communities. They host plenty of special events such as art shows, concerts, and fund raisers where donors can get a sense of what the organization is striving to achieve.

One example of a special event is the Sing for Hope Gala, where around 500 people come together to enjoy a fancy dinner and plenty of special performances.

Partnering with Other Organizations

Sing for Hope partners with plenty of organizations throughout New York City. They work in tandem with community centers, middle schools, high schools, community colleges, and other arts centers to improve the arts education for young adults throughout the city.

Partnering with other organizations ensures that Sing for Hope is not fixated on their own agenda. Listening to the ideas and ambitions of other organizations helps Sing for Hope bring about real change in the way arts are perceived in New York City.

Click here for more information about Sing for Hope, their programs and the organizations they partner with.

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