Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Art Museum

Recently I went to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. My son is taking an Art History Class and he is going to have to write a term paper on one of the pieces of art there.

This is a really nice art museum and easy to get to. And only costs $5.00 for parking and you get free admission! I can't believe you don't have to pay to get in. *only special exhibits cost extra.

Here's some pics I took of our recent visit:

This is a Picasso - rather subtle compared to most of his:

Son next to some South Asian Art:

Do you know who this is? - I was shocked to find out it's Pocahontas. I guess after she went to England. This is the painting my son is chose to write a paper on. Lot's of interesting things about this painting 

 A really  cool outdoor waterfall and pond with fish:

 me outside with coffee from cafe:

That's just a brief sampling of everything we saw - and there's still a lot more we didn't even see in one trip too! Do you like to visit Art Museums?
Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
200 N. Boulevard
Richmond, Virginia, 23220

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