Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Important News about Mirena IUD removal

There is some very important news right now. And it on DrugNews.net. - they are reporting that there is serious complications from the Mirena IUD.

The Mirena IUD from Bayer was approved by the FDA in 2000. This led to more then 15 million women using this device. Except now there is some very serious health risks associated with the Mirena IUD. Leading many to the removal of mirena.

Many are unaware of the complications such as tearing of the uterine wall. Or inflammation and infection, and many more risks too. It is important to know your rights and legal options if you have undergone the surgery for the removal mirena. Please visit the website to find out more, and how you can contact a lawyer to help you in this! 


  1. Really scary - thank you for posting. I don't have one but I have very many friends who do.

  2. Yikes! I think my daughter-in-law has this! I'm going to send her an email right now with a link to your post. Thanks for getting the message out there.

  3. I am really glad I never got this