Monday, April 23, 2012

TheMinefields Book Tour & Review

About the book:  Situated smack between the cigarette-and-martini days of Mad Men and the nihilism of House of Lies, Eisner paints a classic roman a clef in stinging detail.  Protagonist Sam Spiegel is the Golden Boy with the New York business world at his feet when he is called home to Philadelphia just as he has begun to make his mark. His father, Holocaust survivor Harry Spiegel, is ailing and it’s with reservations that Sam takes on the challenge to grow his father’s firm, Spiegel Communications, into national prominence. The complex themes of the father-and-son relationship, like those found in the works of Chaim Potok and Mario Puzo, are brought vividly to life as Sam and Harry battle over the future of the family legacy.

My  thoughts:

I love the show Mad Men, so when I was asked to review this book I was really excited. This book doesn't disappoint either. I really liked the character developments in this book. And the Ad agency setting is really intriguing and lets you see the inner workings of one.

I would recommend this book to any one who would like to read about a family business and legacy.

“Mr. Spiegel, I know you’re very uncomfortable. I’m going to give you some morphine that will help you sleep. Within a few minutes, I promise you, sir, you’ll feel better. Scout’s honor.” Dad patted the doctor’s hand.

Above is an excerpt from the book. I am participating in a blog tour of this book. If you would like to follow along go to Book Tribe. There you can see other blogs who have participated, and if you start from the beginning, you will get the first chapter of the book!

DisclosureI received a sample of the product reviewed in this post.  My opinions remain my own.


  1. I'll bet this is really interesting to see how they work out disagreements, etc.

  2. Book Tours are usually so interesting! I hope they have digi versions.