Wednesday, April 6, 2011

WW #145 "April Fool's Snowman"

About 3 or 4 more months until I move from New Hampshire to Virginia. I have lived in either Massachusetts or New Hampshire all my life so Virginia will be different.

But I checked the weather down there and while we will barely be in the 50's here they could be in the 80's! I think I'm going to like Virginia.

Only in New England, April Fool's Day got about 6 inches of snow! Here's a couple of pictures:

snowman looking a little dirty - we were down to no snow in yard before this!

daughter & snowman (notice "baby"snowman in basket)

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  1. Gotta love New England! I just moved back to MA from Virginia, we lived down there for 4 years while my Husband was in the Navy. I sure do miss the warmer weather.

  2. I miss New England! Although I'm glad we didn't get any snow down here in MD; I'm ready for spring.

  3. That is an awesome dirty little snowman. Our snow here in MN has just recently melted! I never thought we'd see grass again! Love it!

  4. Good morning!!

    Nice snow family!

  5. Holy cow! No way!

    Have a great Wednesday!

  6. LOL to that baby snowman! The big one is rather dirty!

    How far from the NC border will you be in Virginia?

  7. Spring has come late to California too! Crazy weather this year.

  8. The baby snowman in the basket is priceless! So cute! Your daughter looks happy too.

    I love Virginia! It is so pretty.

    Thanks for stopping by during CommentHour.

  9. Ooh, that is cute :) Love the baby snowman :)

  10. Great shots. It amazing snow in New England in April!


  11. Love the cute baby snowman!

    Happy Friday!!

  12. I live in Virginia and love it!

    Stopping in from #CommentHour