Friday, April 22, 2011

Dermstore: Personal Microderm Review

Hey guys I have a product to share with you. I got a Personal Microderm as shown above to review. It was provided to me by DermStore.

Product Information:

Personal Microderm is a convenient, easy to use, portable and personal microdermabrasion system helping you get younger looking skin without paying for high priced treatments. Available at DermStore with FREE shipping on all orders, it’s the perfect way to get gorgeous skin.

Using professional quality aluminum crystals, Personal Microderm produces optimal results. Each exfoliating disk features a different grit for three different intensities. Each smoothes the skin's texture, evens tone and diminishes wrinkles. This amazingly convenient treatment dramatically transforms your skin, working as an anti-aging treatment, as well as improving the overall look of your complexion. Best of all it’s perfect for any skin type!

My Take on the product:
I have had the Personal Microderm from DermStore going on 2 weeks now. Since it is recommended to only use at first every 5 to 6 days, I wanted to give this a try at least two times before my review.

The first thing I did before using it, was watch the DVD. It came with an instructional DVD, that was very helpful, and I recommend you watch that first.

Then next, as suggested I tested to see what kind of skin I had. I think I have somewhat sensitive skin, so I skimmed over my face with it - didn't need to hover to long over one spot. That is after you cleanse your face first.

After doing the treatments I noticed my skin really was soft and supple afterwards. It really rejuvenates your skin. It also gets off the dead skin cells and your skin really feels refreshed after!

Here is a before & after picture. I think it somewhat shows a difference in the way my skin looks:

before & after (left side of face)
Once you use the system - you use it once a week, then twice a month, then once a month, etc. I will continue to use as directed and hope it continues to give me results!

Buy It: Visit Dermstore to purchase the Personal Microderm  (a value of $179.99) with free shipping!

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Disclaimer: I received this product for the sole purpose of reviewing it. No monetary compensation was given and the opinions are my own. Your opinions may vary. 

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  1. The skin on our face really does need to be sloughed off, doesn't it? I'd be afraid this might hurt if you pushed too hard, but I like the idea a lot.