Thursday, July 29, 2010

Daughter's Notes

I came across a notebook my daughter had from this years school work. I think they had to keep a journal, and write short stories in it once in awhile.

For some reason, I was cracking up laughing at these two entries of hers I came across. Maybe it's just me.

Journal entry #1

Sept. 21

My favorite thing about fall is jumping in the leaves. My least favorite thing about fall is my dad has a thing that blows away all the leaves.

(I asked her what it meant - and she doesn't like the sound of the leaf blower - lol!)

Journal entry #2


There was a girl named Sarah she had a friend named Jess. Jess wasn't really her friend. She was there for the money. She never came over unless she got paid.

(I changed the names - because she had her name in the story)

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